Vlad's birthday 2010


WOW, yes, congratulation to me, and congratulation to you all, I made it to 40. Congratulation to me because I didn't do something stupid yet to kiel over, and congratulation to you all because you were able to put up with my shit and didn't kill me yet.

What a birth-week I had! It started all with preparation for a huge party at Gypsy Divers December the 18. Dave was again awesome and let me use Gypsy Divers for hosting my birthday party. Nobody went swimming in the pool, nobody broke anything, nobody got really drunk ... I guess I am getting old!

The party was fantastic, the gifts were great but little that I knew, Christine and Debbie prepared something special ... Debbie had the idea of making a skit based on the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya sisterhood book/movie. That was a blast. I will post a video of the ceremony and party but before that, here is a little bit of an explanation about the 4 Ya Ya priestesses (by Kathy):

  • The fairy siren...for his "bad side" (Izzy) BaBaBa BAD BOY
  • The quirky fairy.. as each person roasted, Baste and make sure he's HOT and well-done (Kathy)
  • The sweet fairy ... for his "good side" (Dorothy) The no-talking back, Vlad! fairy
  • The Good Fairy...for his future good & happy life (Debbie)

After the ceremony was about done, Christine had people "roast" me. That is the "...ridicule or criticize severely or mercilessly" definition not the pork roast we had a few days later. The roasters were amazing and everybody had to say mostly nice stuff. The roasters were:

  • Bill - talking about me getting him bent
  • Stephanie - talking my hot tub "incident" at Dave's
  • David - talking about my leisure green suit and my life with the Lawrences.
  • Richard - talking about scuba and not keeping your mask on your forehead.

After the roast, the floor was opened to any other that want to say stuff about me so Carol, Peter and Bob-the-fish had some really nice things to say.

... But most of all, at the end Christine delivered an incredible speech IN ROMANIAN! The things she said about me were so nice that I though she is talking about somebody else. Here is the english version of the speech:

"Congratulation, Vlad on reaching 40 years od a well-lived life. I know that your birthdays are hard on you. Instead of viewing your birthday as a celebration of the wonderful experiences you have had, you use it as an even to measure your achievements, which to others appear admirable, but to you, fall short of your high expectations. Well, let me suggest that you look around you tonight and reflect upon all these that have gathered here to celebrate your birthday. My hope is that you will recognize that it is not our achievements that will be remembered, but rather how we have treated the people in our lives that ultimately measures the worth of our own life. You have been an exceptional comfort to me over the past year and I will never forget your loving support. But I am just one example of your loyalty. Your heart is good and wide open. Your support to those you care about is unbreakable. Your wit and harm are testaments to your joyful approach to living, and your enduring kindness to others is the only measure that matters. Enjoy this birthday. Enjoy this evening. We are here because we believe you and your 40 years are worth a celebration!"

After the emotional parts passed, we had a good time drinking, eating and drinking :-).

Another highlight of the evening was Mark's video that is his tribute to me and our friendship.

As usual, there are a lot of pictures so, enjoy the pictures.


Here are the pictures:




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