Romania 2015

Christine and I went to Romania in September to visit my parents. Really nice visit, without much travel - and that is a great thing. We enjoyed the pedestrian life style, the small grocery stores and the incredible food. Christine LOVED the gym that my parents got her a membership to!

Here is what Christine has to say about the trip

After a short stay in Poina Brasov where we breathed in the fantastic mountain air and indulged in the best fried dough (langosi) and mici in Romania, we spent most of our time in Sibu where we relaxed and enjoyed the sights and sounds of this very old and beautiful city. It is a wonderful place for Vlad's parents to spend their retirement as it offers a lot of musical and art festivals and has many open public spaces to meet friends and watch people of all ages strolling about and enjoying life. We had incredible food and visited with my parents closest friends during our stay. Among other things Radu and Zoe treated us to a wonderful lunch at Brukenthal where we got to stroll the gardens after consuming a fabulous meal with wild mushrooms and a desert with the most incredible blueberry compote I've ever had. We ended our trip in Bucharest where we got to spend time with the one and only Angela and her mother and even got to see the wild and crazy motorcycle racer Stefanut! We were sad we did not get to see Stefan and hope that we will be able to plan a trip where we can all go to Greece together. What an adventure that would be!

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