Richmond Botanical Gardens 5.09.2010

... Or "The abomination" as I like to call it now.

Christine and I took Arleen to the Richmond Botanical Gardens on Richmond, VA. It was Mother's Day and Christine and I wanted to visit the gardens for a long time so there we went. I have to admit I was mostly excited about their greenhouse. Yeah, we went and saw ... I don't think I have ever seen in my life a worst greenhouse. Incredible. More not like a greenhouse, a few orchids planted in potts dug in the ground, 15 cactuses and A LOT of glass sculptures. They should have call it the art gallery not the conservatory. ... Don't even get me started on the left wing with "the house" inside it. Really, really bad.

The rest of the gardens were actually pleasant and the drive there and back was not bad at all.

Enjoy the pictures



Here are the pictures:




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