New York 7.01.2005


Doru and laura moved again... Yes, trust me, I am not kidding!

This time the move was from Charleston SC back to NY City. Of course I was there to help!

The move started in Charleston on Wednesday after packing all day and then driving from Charleston to Raleigh. We got at my place at about 1.30 and went to bed at 3.45 ... And I was working next day... Thursday I went to work and Doru and Laura's dad continued with the truck to NY. Friday morning Laura and I joined them in NYC (we flew and Laura handled the flight wonderfully!). We carried all the stuff from the truck upstairs in Doru and Laura's new apartment pretty fast probably about 1.5 hours.

The next days we unpacked and relaxed in NYC. I was really happy to find out that Ornella was not out of town so I hanged out with her each day. It was very nice to see her again.

Pictures ... the pictures from NYC are ... different. I think I want to call them "NYC - not from a tourist's point of view". I stayed away this time from the tourist places and I shot a few scenes from the older part of NYC. The weather was gorgeous and the sun was asking me to shoot!



Here are the pictures:




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