New Year 2012-2013

New Year Eve party! This time 70s style. Here are the contests that we had:

2012 NEW YEAR’S EVE CONTESTS GET YOUR GROOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BEST OVERALL COSTUME - Box Full of Sweet Tooth Kick Ass Candy Miniature Lava Lamp Double Trouble DB is Expected Winner so you other Dudes & Dudettes better get it On!
  • BEST COUPLES CONSTUME His & Her Cosmic Do it Yourself Poster Art Bottle of Wine for Far Out Fun in the Future.
  • BEST PET ROCK Gold Plated Mansion for your Best Buddy
  • MIDNIGHT TRIVIA CONTEST WINNER “Herbal” Cigar Smokin Hot Chick Sue Cook is Expected to win.

Enjoy the pictures



Here are the pictures:




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