Key Largo 4.28.2005


It was waaaaaay, overdue for me to get to the Keyz.

Richard, Vera and I got a fantastic deal on direct round trip tickets to Fort Lauderdale so we couldn't pass the deal. $96 taxes included well spent!

The weather was great although the diving was not the best we had. Windy and big seas but not too bad. I got a few nice underwater pictures!

The highlight of the trip though, was the place where we stayed. Usually we stay at the Holiday Inn a nice hotel with its own marina from where Jeff, HMS Minnow's captain leaves. This time we couldn't dive with Jeff since he was booked so we had to go dive with Island Venture. They didn't have the same deal with Holiday Inn so we got our own place to stay. We stayed at Neptune's Hideaway, a small motel on the bay side. Small crappy rooms but super clean ... AND with a view that was worth all the money. The motel has a small private beach and a small dock on the bay. The sunsets were indescribable! You will see it in the pictures.

Since we were in the room only for sleeping, we hanged out at the beach all the time. We met wonderful people from all over the world... There was a group of French people that rented probably half of the motel but the highlight of the trip was a couple from Holland.. Very nice people! We enjoyed spending time with them.

Richard and I decided to have a drink theme for each time when we go to the Keyz. Last time was gin and tonic, this time was rum punches and next time it is going to be tequila drinks. Vera suggested this one so hopefully she is going to have a few drinks with us.

Well, enough said, take a look at the pictures and enjoy the view.



Here are the pictures:





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