In the buff party 10.09.2010

... And we finally had the biggest most sought after party of the year ... the "In the buff" party. Well, that's how the original title was supposed to be but christine changed it last minute to "Let's celebrate". Since it was a last minute change and since I planned my costume for the party for a looooong time, I still decided to go ... in the buff ... For the people that don't know, all the clothing article that I am wearing are "buffs".

So what was the party all about? ... Well, probably most of you know but if you don't Christine finished her chemo treatment and since this is a major phase in the fight against the cancer we decided to have a monster party. If you want to know more, you can read her blog.

The party was fantastic, the food was incredible, all hand made from scratch by Christine, with a little help from me of course. It was so made from scratch that if she would have had time she would have made me grow the grains for the flour, the sugar beats for the sugar, the pecan trees for the pecans ... and so on.

It was a great party, if you missed it or if you want to rememorate it (although I heard some people saying after taking a look at my costume that it was their worst nightmare) check out the pictures.

Enjoy the pictures



Here are the pictures:




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