Halloween 2011

Halloween, onece again. This time Stephanie got us invited to an AWESOME party given by the gracious hosts Ed and Sarah Moroney. This was THE best party I have ever been invited to!!!! The house was fantastically decorated, spider webs everywhere, cut-off fingers ready to be served, eye balls floating in the punch, fog, red lights AND a disco ball. The living room was cleared out and that's where the dance floor was. GREAT STUFF! I have to say that Christine and I have been put to shame so we need to step up our game for our next New Years Eve party!!!!

Oh, what were we? well, of course the white swan - the good swan (me) and black swan - evil swan (Christine). The costumes were again home made from stuff we bought and from stuff we had and we got our inspiration from the Black Swan movie and the internet.

Enjoy the pictures



Here are the pictures:




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