Fireworks 7.04.2014

We got rained out at Lake Benson... That sucked. ... Fortunately, we went to Cary on the 4th to see the fireworks and it was OK. We have tried the venues in Garner, Raleigh and Cary. By far Garner has the best setting. In Garner you park fairly close, you set your blanket, you picnic in the park, all the lights are turned off for the fireworks ... it is awesome. In Raleigh, you go downtown with 40000 of your closest friends ... I guess they are your closest friends since they are allll over you and everybody packs on a street or in front of the police station with police cars with flashing lights that blind you and low shot fireworks. ... Don't even think about setting up a tripod for night shots. In Cary the setting is better but you park 1.5 miles away, you go toward the lake and then ... then ... you sit on the median of a 4 lane road (closed for cars at the time) or on concrete. ... Garner is awesome...

Still, I was able to set-up the tripod and get a few pictures. I was fortunate enough that one of the 5 kids of the family closely behind us did not trip over my camera...

Me, bitter ... nah!!!!!

Enjoy the pictures



Here are the pictures:




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