End of the world party 12.21.2012


The end of the world is here. 12.21.2012
The Mayans had it right, the world had ended Saturday.

If you are not familiar with the date, paraphrasing, pretty much the Mayan had this circular calendar called the "long" calendar that predicted all sort of stuff through the years but the calendar ends in 12.21.2012 so that will be the end of the world. Modern interpretation of this started to pop up. How will it happen? Some theories are:
- Big wave of blood
- Magnetic poles reversal
- Planetary collision

My theory is that the super volcano in Yellowstone will finally erupt and that's not what is going to kill us but it will release ancient carnivorous little people (6-8 in high) that are going to eat us but even that will not kill us but we will run out of alcohol because the gas that was released by the volcano will chemically react with all the alcohol on the planet and make it in to salt and water ... and being without alcohol for a while WILL kill us.

What is your doomsday scenario theory?

Now that the date has passed ... are we still alive? ... If you think the answer is "yes", are you sure? What if the world is just a computer simulation of a semi-smart kid on another world ... Now, don't laugh too hard about this theory... The scientists are still not able to prove that we are not leaving in a computer simulation. Look it up!!!



Here are the pictures:




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