Desert Southwest 4.10.2013

Christine and I went to the Desert Southwest - California this time. Las Vegas, Death Valley, Mojave Desert, Anza Borego park, Huntington Botanical gardens, San Diego botanical garden, Balboa Park, California cactus nurseries and Torrey Pines. A really full trip but a wonderful trip.


First day we went pretty much directly through Pathrump - where we spent the night - to Death Valley and did the touristy stuff. Bad water basin - the lowest point in the US -, Zabritskie point, artist's palette, Furnace Creek. After the sunset we went back to Pathrump and spent the night in a hotel.

The second day we did Death Valley right. ... The hiking way. We did the following hikes:

  • Golden Canyon

View Golden Canyon 11-APR-13 111043 AM in a larger map
  • Darwin Falls

View Darwin Falls 11-APR-13 030538 PM in a larger map
  • Mosaic Canyon


After the sunset we had a long drive to Primm, back to Nevada south west of Las Vegas and stayed in a sleazy casino. We got in the room, we bolted down the door and we had our drinks.

Next day we went and visited the Mojave Desert. Really cool stuff to see there too, for instance the highest density of Joshua Trees in the world is there. Of course we hiked there too:

  • Hole in the wall

View Hole in the wall 12-APR-13 122044 PM in a larger map
  • Teutonia peak

View Teutonia Peak 12-APR-13 032342 PM in a larger map


After Mojave we went and spent the night in Ontario, CA ... no not Canada, California. This is a suburb of LA close to the Huntington botanical gardens where we spent the whole next day. The pictures will tell the story of the Huntington Gardens because words can't describe how pretty it was ... even if you don't like cacti.

After the night in Ontario, Christine rented us a nice studio in Temecula for 3 days so we had a home base with fridge, stove, etc. Since we had a day of rest, next day we went and hiked the Anza Borego park close to San Diego and then we went back to Temecula and checked out old town Temecula. The desert hike in Anza Borego park was truly hot but it got us to an oasis with a waterfall. The hike was called ...

  • Hellhole Canyon

View Hellhole Canyon - 4.14.2013 in a larger map


The next day we went to visit the San Diego botanical gardens. Although not as famous as the Huntington, the botanical garden was tully amazing also. After the botanical garden we went and visited Balboa Park in San Diego

Next day, we went shopping through cactus nurseries and also visited Torrie Pines preserve north of San diego and then ... we had a busy drive north to stay last night in our hotel in LAX. It was an awesome trip!


Enjoy the pictures and videos.



Here are the pictures:



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