Cayman Brac 5.7.2011

After coming back from Romania, I re-packed and left with Christine and the Thorn-birds for Cayman Brac! Cayman Brac is one of the Cayman islands, not as big as Grand Cayman and not as little as well ... Little Cayman. This is the first time when Christine and I stayed at an all inclusive resort, well, all inclusive except alcohol. Two wonderful meals a day, valet diving ... we though we would get super boared ... at first. After a few days we fit in just fine! We stayed at the Brac Reef Resort and we dove with Reef Divers. We had a wonderful time. Absolutely wonderful!

Enjoy the pictures



Here are the pictures:

As a bonus, here is an amazing video that Mark shot during our trip.

Cayman Brac - May 2011 from Wallace Marks on Vimeo.




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