Beaufort 8.21.2004

Here I go again!
This time I went without Mimi since the forecast was pretty rough and the boat supposed to be small... It was great fun though hanging out with my scuba friends and seeing underwater critters that I have never seen before. Some of those things are pretty rare and I am very glad I found them.

The weather was a little bit windy, well, more than a little on Saturday and just a little on Sunday but on Sunday we had a confused sea and I had a really hard time with that.

We dove Suloide and Indra on Saturday and Caribsea on Sunday. I even found a beautiful nudibranch on Caribsea on my second dive but I didn't got a picture of it because I was feeling really sick and I didn't took the camera with me. It is always like that. If I would have had the camera I would not have found it! The slug was about 1.5 - 2 in. long, bright yellow with blue dots and purple gills on its back (I think those were gills...).

You will not see the nudibranch in the pictures but you will see the rare cookie cutter starfish that I found on Indra and the two bristle stars that I found also on Indra.




Her are the pictures:





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