Beaufort 7.05.2003


Day 1

... And we went again. Again the coast is offering its wonders and again we go diving. It was a bunch of us from Gypsy divers thins time again and I thought I didn't know anybody ... well, that's pretty hard in a Gypsy Divers group. Actually I knew everybody.

This time I did something I never did before ... I drove to the coast without any sleep. It was rough. I went out with some friends the night before and we had fun. Of course no drinking for me since we were going deep diving but a lot of fun.

I left at my regular hour - 2.30 - and I made it to the coast by 5.30 as usual so I even took a 30 minutes nap in my car.

Unfortunately as soon as I got out of the car I saw the disaster ... Well, not disaster but the wind was blowing hard. Way hard!

Strange enough but the captain decided to go for it so we started for the Caribsea wreck.

We made it to the wreck in the normal 2.5 hours and we started the dive. Visibility was bad, probably about 25-30 ft but we had a lot of sharks and that was cool.

My buddy Eric made it to the coast too so I dove with him and we had a good time.

The second dive we did was on the same wreck since we didn't want to risk it to go somewhere where could have been worst.

Second dive was the same, same cool sharks and same great fun.

The trip back was long and bumpy. Big waves and a lot of spray. I thought at one point we are in a submarine that's how deep we were passing through the waves.

After the dive we hanged out at the bunk house and then we went for a well deserved dinner. Great stuff again at the Ice House in Beaufort.


Day 2

Today the wind was even stronger so I was ready to pack and go back. Well, no, Terry surprised us again and we went out.

Today we went to see Schurtz and Aeolus.

I never liked Schurtz too much since the only cool things I have seen on the wreck re bullets but the dive was pretty good. We had good vis, about 60 ft and I have seen a lot of eels.

The second dive was, pretty much standard Aeolus. Good visibility and looong dive. I stayed down 55 minutes so I had a lot of fun.

I got a few good shots with my new digital camera but unfortunately my battery died after about 20 pics so I had to use my film one after that. I did recharge the battery of the camera but ... I forgot to swap the charged one with the old one and I forgot home my charger and my other battery ... Oh well, I knew I forgot something :-)

That's it. We had a good time as usual. I am going again soon. Next weekend I am going to Wilmington. I never tried to dive from there. I have to check that out too.




Her are the pictures:





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