Beaufort 5.18.2005


I can't stay away for too long. Again diving in Beaufort again great! First day - Saturday - calm seas and fast speed. We made it back in shore by 1.30 PM. That never happened before! We had 0 seas though, as I said, calm as it can be. We dove Caribsea as the first dive and Verbina (Nancy Lee) as the second dive.

Sunday ... a whole different story. Rough! Windy and very rough. We barely made it out on 4-5 ft. seas and the wind picked up... Of course it was an Indra kind of day. We dove Indra twice. ... I dove indra probably about 40 times before since it is always the "we_can_t_do_anything_else_so_let_s_do_an_in_shore_dive" wreck. In all those 40 dives I have never EVER seen the visibility that good. Dark blue water - cold but who cares with that vis - great stuff to see.

As usual I had my camera with me and here is the proof that the dives were a blast!



Here are the pictures:




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