Beaufort 5.10.2002

To much stuff to do again but here they are. The pictures from my latest coast trip are here.


Day 1

Same as usual, I went out and partied until 1.30 but this time fortunately the boat was leaving at 7.45 so I was able to sleep until 3.30... What a treat!

I got at the Discovery Diving dock on time the weather was very nice and the forecast was great.

We headed out to see Papoose but when we were pretty close the captain found out that there are another 3 boats on the wreck so we decided to go dive Schurtz. Schurtz is a German Word War I ship where you can find bullets. Usually is great diving since is off shore.

This time I had to help with the students but all the guys were very good and we didn't had any problems with them.

We dove 112 ft for 33 minutes in a nice and warm 79 deg. F water. I was planning to dive with both my wetsuite pieces but when I heard that the water is that warm I just dove in my shorty and it was great. The visibility was really good: probably we had about 80 ft of horizontal visibility and ... I could see easily the diving boat from the bottom.

The second dive of the day was Aeolus, sort of a standard second dive when you go to an off shore wreck. Aeolus is an artificial reef sunk just for us divers. I think originally it was a cable layer ship.

We dove 112 ft (that's funny, same depth) but now we stayed longer ... well, I did. I stayed down for 43 minutes and the temperature was good to. We had 77 deg. F so on the chilly side but not to bad.

We came back to the shore and all the group decided to go grab a bite to eat and after that to go to the bunk house and relax for a while.

Since Rusty was with us of course we went and bought shrimp and he cooked dinner. It was great.


Day 2

Day two was a little bit rough and it was going to get rougher... So of course we decided to do as usually Indra.

Now that I know where to go see octopus reef and I had a full roll of film I was not afraid of not being able to see something new.

I got some good shots and also I found a megalodon tooth. If you don't believe me look at the pictures.

I went and dove with Bob - my DiveCon buddy - this time since Rusty said he can handle the students by it self.

We had a great dive, 71 ft for 61 minutes in the same pleasant 77 deg. F. Indra should have been colder ... Oh well we were lucky.

In between the first and second dive I lost my scopolamine patch so I was not a happy camper... I hardly stayed out one hour and I went down again. This time I took my precautions and I did got rid of some water before getting in the water so I could stay down longer. I dove 69 ft. for 83 minutes in the same 77 deg. water. Of course this time I got cold ... as the guys on the boat said, it was my fault since I stayed down that long.

The weekend was great and we all had fun.



Her are the pictures:





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