Beaufort 5.03.2003


Day 1

Hurray, the diving season had started. I was so looking for ward to it.

This time I car pooled with Pete and it was way more enjoyable than driving by my self. Yes, I did had trouble waking-up Pete on Saturday morning but oh well.

When I told Pete I am usually leaving on Saturday at 3.30 Am he said: "I knew you are crazy but not that crazy".

So we got in Beaufort and on the boat and the weather was pretty shitty and windy. Clouds and wind and probably about 55 - 60 deg. F. It would have been OK it wouldn't have been like this all day long. Imagine diving in pretty cold water and getting up on the boat to find more wind and more cold. ... birrrrr.

Since the day was pretty windy captain Jerry decided we need to dive in shore so we went to see Hutton. Good diving conditions ... 60 ft of visibility, 75 ft. depth, cold though, 64 deg. F. Since it was so cold I couldn't stay down more than 43 minutes but I enjoyed it. We have even seen a turtle.

The second dive was the usual Indra. Probably we had the best visibility I have ever seen on Indra. The dive was enjoyable, 71 ft for 52 minutes but it was still cold 65 deg. F. I couldn't find any octopus on Octopus Reef. I even tried to show Laura how cool the octopuses are but ... we just couldn't find any.

After the dives we went to the hotel showered and then went to the first fund raiser for the Artificial Coral Reef association that just got founded. They are trying to buy old ships and sink them to create artificial reefs. I think that's pretty cool


Day 2

Still bad weather and cold and windy but ... strange enough, there were no waves, well, probably about 2-3 ft. and that's not much. I thought we wouldn't go out at all but we went out and dove the Aeolus. I think captain Terry was afraid that the waves will be against us at the return trip and we would never make it in shore because I thought the conditions were good enough to go see a wreck that is further like Papoose or the Sub.

Oh well, we dove on the Aeolus twice and it was pretty good to. I stayed down 38 minutes on the first dive at 119 ft and 66 deg. F and the second dive 117 ft, 49 minutes and 66 deg. F. Visibility was pretty good. Probably we had about 80 ft. vertical. Not that much horizontal but it really was not bad.

As usual I took a bunch of pictures. They are not too good since I didn't had to many good subjects to shoot and even if I did see a queen angel fish I couldn't shoot it. Anyway take a look at the pictures they are not too bad.


Her are the pictures:





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