Andy and Court's wedding - Outer Banks 9.13.2002


Andy and Court invited me to their wedding and to all the events that took place in the weekend of 12-13 September 2002. I had a blast. I think we all did.


Day 1

Friday ... Bachelor party. I am sorry I can't say anything more than this but we had allot of fun.


Day 2

Saturday after we all recovered from the night before we left the Oregon Inlet camp ground and went toward our hotels.

I stayed in the Elizabethan Inn in Manteo where at the check in they told me they have an olympic size pool indoors and although I did not believe them they do. A truly olympic size pool with probably about 6-7 lanes. It was huge.

I decided that I will go for a swim but as soon as I got in my room and I touched the bed I passed out even before thinking about going for a swim. I was really tired and I knew Saturday night I will not go to bed to early and Sunday definitely I was not going to go to bed early.

At 7 PM I went to the rehearsal dinner where I met everybody including Andy's mother and father. The dinner was great with fantastic food and artistically cut watermelons. I had a great time.

After the dinner we decided to go hang out on the beach for a little while so we just relaxed, had a couple of beers and enjoyed the stars and the sound of the waves.

I went back to my hotel probably before midnight.


Day 3

Sunday, the bid day of the wedding. The wedding took place on the Outer Banks on Coquina Beach. The idea was fantastic. The ceremony was short and not to boring and the bride and the groom looked really happy together.

The idea of having the wedding on the beach was brilliant. Simple clothes, everybody bear feet, on a nice sunny day. Whet more do you want.

After the wedding was over (by the way, I have a great picture of the panorama with all the guests in the picture section) we went to the party which lasted from 2 PM to 6 PM We ate, we socialized and we danced. Of course everybody had allot to drink ... except me since my plan was to get back in Raleigh in the same day since I was working Monday.

Food was exquisite, tuna dish, grooper dish, the most fantastic shrimps you can imagine, muscles, clams, oysters, crab cakes ... I am getting hungry only when I think about them. I was stupid enough not to take some pictures of the fantastic food arrangement so you have to trust me that I have never seen in my life food arranged that nice ... And it was soooooo good!!!!!!

Of course during the party we went out for half an hour or so and we decorated Andy's car for the occasion. The whole shabang: signs, cans, naughty writings, everything!

At 6 the party ended and we decided to get together on the beach, the same Coquina Beach to do a post party celebration with a bon fire and beer and leftover food. It was pretty nice again, nice people getting together kickin' back and relaxing with a few cans of beers. Me ... ? Well, as I said I couldn't drink since I had to drive back the same day but I had allot to do since I took care of the fire. I found allot of drift wood on that beach.

At about 11.30 I headed back to Raleigh. Not an easy drive since it also rained on some portion of the road and the trip is about 3-4 hours but I made it back safe by 2.30 AM. I was in bed by 3 after unpacking almost all my stuff.

I had a great time. I think everybody did.

Check out the pictures and if you want to download them all in a better resolution that 640x480 click the download link. Enjoy.



Her are the pictures:





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