Scuba is a sport and hobby that fascinate allot of people but what does it takes to be able to tell that you really like SCUBA. Well, it takes more that going once a year somewhere where the sun never stops shining and the sunsets paint red colors on the clouds and the water. What all of us, the ones we really like SCUBA have in common? The love of water? The love of adventure? The love to be alone with your dive buddy and the ocean? The love to discover strange new worlds? The love to see what has never been seen before? The love of being and trusting friends with your life? Probably we have all those things in common and much, much more.

For me the adventure started when I was 7 and once at the Black Sea one of my father friends bought me some snorkeling gear. That's how all started and I never stopped. Each year after this I went to the Black Sea and took my snorkeling gear with me (which by the way I still have and treasure - a black and hard mask and some blue heavy fins). Snorkeling was great and I did it for 20 years but I always wanted to stay more under water. Of course I have seen on TV those guys wearing strange suites and breathing compressed air from SCUBA bottles. Of course I wanted to be like them and of course my dream was to be able to go and explore the depths of the ocean lie Jacques-Yve Cousteau. I couldn't do it for 20 years and it took a short flight over the ocean to the US for me to start SCUBA.

Training was fantastic. Instructors and DiveCons were great. BUT probably the most fantastic of all was how I felt after 20 years of snorkeling and after being accustomed with about 1-2 minutes underwater, to take a breath of compressed air and being able to stay for 3 minutes and 30 minutes after that and 30 minutes after thatů Along the years I got more certifications and more dives and I got more experience and I will continue to take more lessons and when the times comes I will take my turn in the he teaching team to introduce to some other enthusiast the wonderful underwater world.

In my day job I am a firmware engineer so another fascination of mine (which started by the way when I was 7 also) is computers and programmable devices. Of course the dive computers caught my attention as soon as our diving instructor told us about them in the class.

I will try in this presentation to tell you all you always wanted to know about computers but you were afraid to ask and much, much more.




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