Some Internet resources

Here you find my most visited sites on the WEB

FUNET archives
LUTH archives
Taiwan archives
Netscape Conference home page
OrCad home page
Texas Instruments home page
Infoseek information finder
Lycos information finder
Altavista information finder


NetAddress: Login : free emai with POP3 retrival and more. Wery good
AncientSites Welcomes You!: great rendered pictures of ancient Rome
RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail : another free email site.
Free Cd-Rom's on the Internet : you coud find free stuff here, only some are working
Cosmo Software : here is the cosmo player. You need this to play VRML based web sites
Live Guide : what's on TV
WorldNow Online
Cherryhill Carnivorous Plants : a carnivorous plant page
Ultimate Downloads - Free PC Games and More! : some nice demos of PC games
Raleigh Community Network: Site Search: Raleigh NC stuff
Welcome to RealMedia ! : real player and some nice on-line tv and radio stations :the bigest book store on line. Now they sel music too
Auction Warehouse : computer auction. Not to good, if you want good prices look on internet not to auctions
FTP search v3.6 : this is a good site if you want to download a file by FTP and you now a little bit how the file is called. Just tipe the name and hit the search button
Filez - Search 75M files and 1000s of servers for freeware, shareware, & commercial software : software and more
The Truth And The Light - Music From The X-Files
Welcome to Dave's Video Game Classics
Multiwave Direct! ... The On-Line Computer SuperStore.
EG3: Electronic Engineering Net Resources
8051 Software
Directory of /pub/c4x
On-line SMS Messages - MTN
RF Micro Devices Home Page



Here you find a list of World Wide Web product Sites

ICs & Semiconductors

Advanced Micro Devices
Advances Risk Machines
Altera Corp
Applyed Microsystems Corp.
Ariel Corp.
Music Semiconductor
NEC Electronics
Newbridge Microsystems
Nohau Corp.
OKI Semiconductors
Orion Instruments
Philips Semiconductors
Programable Logic Performance Corp.
SMC Component Products Divisoin
SPARC International
Silicon Systems
Texas instruments
Toshiba America, Electronic Component Div.

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